Ruby weekly on #mybfio

Hi! I am a maintainer of #mybfio - friendly software reviews system.

Throughout the week I find some interesting Ruby projects and publish them in the listing. Occasionally I write my own comnents on some of them.
Feel free to add your comments here or there. As well as add projects you like to the listing.
Hopefully users will find the list interesting.
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    Great idea! It would be nice to optimize the UI.
yes, I am a more backend developer. Let me know if you're interested in help )))
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    So am I. I just check out Dribble for some inspirations.
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    Looks like entries are not editable, right?
Reply to Alexey Melezhik #4
no, they are, it's just "edit" button looks confusingly grey ... 
  • #6
    Yeah, it's a little bit hidden.
  • #7
    Maybe I should consider change the color.

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